We’d love to go on about all the ways Tanglewood Trace can accommodate and cater to you, but our residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.
It’s a wonderful location
“We visited Tanglewood Trace yesterday. It was great. Very positive. The staff members were very friendly. The apartments were very, very nice. They had all updated appliances, which were very appealing. The dining area was more like fine dining with tablecloths and everything. We didn’t see much of the outdoor spaces, it was a hot day, but what we saw was very well kept up. The location is also great. It's a wonderful location.”
They’ve got great people here
“They’ve got great people here. My wife’s mother stayed here also and liked it .... My apartment is a one-bedroom, while my wife has a separate apartment, but it’s right next door. It’s got a kitchen, a one-bedroom, a nice bathroom, they recarpeted it and repainted everything for us before we moved in. It’s nice. It’s got a back porch on it that goes out into a grassy area and it’s all on one floor. If you need to get out the door, you can get out pretty quick. I get up in the morning and take a walk, so I can walk all over the [community] here, which will be nice in the wintertime. Last night, they had popcorn and a movie and stuff like that. There’s a lot of people here so my wife can go around, talk to people and they’re all nice.”
Staff are friendly and work well together
“We visited Tanglewood Trace for my sister, and I just thought it was very nice. The room that we saw was lovely. I’ve known several people who lived there, so I already knew that it was certainly high on the list, and they’ve been happy with it. The thing that I’ve noticed is that the staff seemed to be friendly with each other and work well with each other. They acted like they were on a friendly basis. They have a salon and all those normal things, and they have Wi-Fi. The [community] was very lovely; it seems to be well taken care of.”

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